August 22, 2007

Lock Down

I'm locking myself to my desk today because I have GOT to get some photo editing and designing done. It's been on the list since Monday, but somehow I have managed to put it off two whole days so far.

This is a photo that happened during my shoot with Emily & Brian. I like all the textures and am thinking of putting up somewhere in the house. Most of the art I pick is so girly - I am starting to feel like I need to "man" up the house a bit. Next week we're gonna hang a bunch of art, so I'll post some photos of what we come up with.

1 comment:

KT said...

I love the photo. I can almost smell the ocean when I look at it (rusty hinge). Are there surfboards locked up behind that gate? ....And why is it that we all (or many of us) have art leaning against the wall for years, or stacked in a corner? It's a very smart move to plan an art hanging day.