August 9, 2007

Mid Week Review

I just got back from a whirlwind trip to my hometown (Santa Cruz, CA) where, in 48 hours I:

• Attended a baby shower for two good friends and got to give them the sock animals I made for them (photos coming soon)
• Spent some quality time with my sisters. Mani-pedis all around.
• Randomly ran into my brother two different times around town. Sat with him in Chili's and laughed at his jokes while he ate wings and drank beer with his fellow firefighter buddy.
• Spent a bunch of money purchasing items I forgot to bring with me: camera battery charger, ipod sync cord, film
• Made two impulse buys at the camera store: a new 70 - 200mm lens and a portable white balancer device. Both of these I actually need so...
• Shot an engagement session with Brian & Emily who are getting married in October. They are longtime friends and one gorgeous couple, as you will see soon.
• Photographed the Schwager family and their new baby girl - brought the two older kids stickers and markers so they would like me and not run away from my camera.

It was a good trip, but because I was doing so much work it felt more like a business trip than a visit at home. I did squeeze in a little family time though and some late night chats with my mom. The busy week carries on with another little shoot today, but I will have some photos for you tomorrow.

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