August 31, 2007

New Thrifting Finds

Yesterday I scheduled in some time during my day to hit up the thrift/antique stores downtown. Two hours of guilt free rummaging, then back to work. Here are some quick photos of what I found:

- little container for bathroom
- ceramic apple trays
- blue curtain tie backs for dining room French doors

- yellow baby sweater. I couldn't resist - it was only .95
- yards and yards of these two fabrics
- silk scarf. I love the colors and design


nice-etc said...

great finds! i love those apple bowls..i had some that i decided to sell..mine were like a glow in the dark sort of color haha, you know that weird greeny white? they were nice, but i love the color of yours! perfect for a future breakfast with baby.

erin scissorhands said...

wow! those are some great finds!