August 15, 2007

Weekend Sneak-away

Hello! I've been MIA for a few days due to our annual camping trip at Plaskett Creek in Big Sur. About 60 or so friends from Santa Cruz meet there once a year for a few days. This year the people I didn't know out numbered the ones I did, but my friends who plan the trip are always there and they are the ones I look forward to seeing most. I think this is my 6th trip, and my 3rd with Forest.

What was also different this year is that we had a beach! Usually we go earlier in the Summer before the sand builds up, but this year it was gorgeous and the 30 kids (I'm not exaggerating - we counted) had a blast in the water. I didn't take as many photos as last year, but I did bring it out for one beach are some of my favorites:

Aqua & Red - my favorite

Happiness is running on the beach

this girl is fearless in the water

aw, just cute

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