September 26, 2007


I'm out in Phoenix for the week visiting faithsalutes. We haven't seen each other since May and a visit was long overdue. Faith has done so much to her home since the last time I was here (she had just moved and we spent a lot of our time unpacking & organizing in a house with no AC). The AC is now working great and the house is coming along. We have very very different tastes and decorating styles, but I like that about us.

This morning I snuck around and took a few photos. Faith has always been good at creating little vignettes with objects. I struggle with this part of decor most of all, but she always inspires me. Here are two favorites:


faithsalutes said...

The top photo: That is a vintage tonka car. I love it. I have always loved it. The ash tray is from an atique store that was going out of business in Los Angeles. I used to walk by it on a regular basis. Finally I went in inside...there wasn't much left and there was a tiny dog in there who I wanted to step on.

Bottom photo: That is a large portrait of Frank Zapata I bargained for in Nogales. The skinny African statue I bartered for in Mombasa, Kenya. The Indian photos I picked up in Santa Cruz at a flee market. World colliding.

Paperpony is better than you.

Alishia said...

The car!

Erin said...

What about the naked bust, Faith? Where is that from!

Christa said...

I'm more interested in the skinny man statue in the bottom picture. It makes the vignette.