September 21, 2007


My blogging has been pretty lame this week. But it's been a weird week overall. The only time my brain seems to be working these days is between the hours of 8pm - 1am so I end up doing a lot of work during that time and then sleeping during the day. Not sure if its the pregnancy or what, but I guess I should get used to it. The main topic of discussion around here lately has been sleep and how we are never going to get any.ever.again.

With that said, I'm looking forward to the weekend and our friend's wedding up in Yosemite. I love Yosemite and have so many good memories from there. I'm bringing our RolleiFlex camera and am anticipating some good inspiration.

We were pretty inspired at the beach last weekend, as you can tell from these photos - taken with our friend Mark's LOMO.

Erin standing up on a surfboard for I think like the 4th time in her life. If you say you can't surf you haven't had coach Fiore out there in the water with you.

Us. Doing a little shuffle. Reminder/Disclaimer: I'm 4.5 mos pregnant in this photo.

Doing what they do best - frolicking.

Jim & Amy - kayak champions


delight said...

i love the lomo photos. plastic cameras are so much fun!

Leslie said...

Very cool photos.
Recently found your blog, loving it.
You look fantastic at 4.5 months...

and I have a 4 month old, and literally we were prepared for ZIP ZERO sleep, and wahlahhhh she sleeps literally like an angel from day 1. But thats rare..

so prepare for no sleep and maybe you can be pleasantly suprised.

Congrats on the boy!

Christa said...

Your disclaimer is hilarious! You look better than 90% of Americans in a bikini even while 4.5 mos pregnant. See you on Wednesday!

kristin said...

mmm.. so i'm someone who has commented once (twice) and came from design sponge. i have a 10 month old, and i gotta say along with the sleep thing, it just... changes. we get more sleep now, but i totally need it! (aka- go to bed early b/c i wake up earlier with the kid) one nice thing is, i'm one of the rare art-ish people who is a morning person.

you look better than me, and i am only at 3 1/2 months now- you are doin' good.

Chris & Tammie said...

4.5 months stop lying!!! You're too darn skinny to be pregnant!! Eat something girl! Forest you too!!

raya said...

Tammie, did you not see me at breakfast in Phoenix? You're lucky I didn't eat your plate of food too : )