October 8, 2007

Improving the Home

Our house is about to get ripped apart so we can install new flooring. This wasn't really in the plan for this year, but someone we know owns a flooring shop and is giving us an insane deal before he hands it off to the new owner (he's selling the business this week).

It was probably a mistake for Forest to let me wander the show room unattended, because inevitably I find the most expensive thing in the whole place. Here is the flooring I would love:

Reclaimed teak from Burma. It is what's left over after the best wood is chosen. Normally this would just be burned, but instead it's turned into flooring and sold in America - it has some dark areas where holes are patched, but the color is beautiful and it's environment friendly. You'd think it would be very inexpensive, but no...

So instead we are going with this traditional Oak - costs about 1/3 what the teak would. It doesn't look that great in this photo, but I think when installed throughout our living room, dining room and kitchen it will look good. Forest and I discussed it, and he felt that our house - for what it is and how long we are planning on living there, didn't really demand expensive teak flooring. Dang the voice of reason.

You can see the difference here. In the end I am just happy to get hardwood floors at all - it will be a major step up from our cheap beige carpet and generic 12" tiles in the kitchen. Yay for home improvement.


faithsalutes said...

lucky pants.

Hardwwood Floors said...

hi buddy
Lovely post,n wat u have said is right ya "it's not looking good in the photo" but when u installed throughout our living room, dining room....it may look gr8.
keep on going.


Alicia said...

I love hard wood flooring!

And your shoes are great!

Nicole | Making it Lovely said...

Ooh, the teak is beautiful. The oak will look fantastic in your house too though. You have so much more area to cover than we do… I feel for you! ;)

enthusia said...

i love, love this--so beautiful! reclaimed wood is the best...all those nice stories seeped into the grain of the wood.

enthusia said...

oops, ok--not the teak, but still...lovely (sheepish).