October 19, 2007


This came in our mail yesterday. The paper is different than the normal Anthropologie catalog so I thought it was some new company..then I saw the tiny "Anthropologie" written on the cover. Sneaky.

All of these knitted tops are so lovely. Yum yum yum. This white top looks especially cozy for the approaching winter. I wish I could knit beautiful clothes like this. Instead I just have that scarf I started last DECEMBER that is still not finished.

On the home front, we have not done a single thing to the baby's room yet. I've been ignoring it and just shoving everything that doesn't have a place into that room for the last few months. But now that we're only 4 mos. away with three holidays in between, I'm feeling the urge to get going. Currently this page out of Found Style by Amy Butler is inspiring me. I love the robot made out of an old toy refrigerator.

That's all I could muster today - photos of other photos. I have an engagement photo session in Malibu tomorrow - fun! And hopefully next week I'll have my own work from the wedding and three family sessions I did last week to show. I really really hope so.


Kelly said...

I've been "lurking" around your blog for some time now, and thought I'd pop in and say hello!

Hmm, somehow I think I'm 2 months behind on Anthropologie mailings. Even the catalog I picked up the other day, from the store itslef, doesn't look like this. :/ It's so gorgeous - thanks for sharing!

April said...

I am also in LOVE with Stitch by Anthropolgie! Don't you just want everything? Oh, if only money grew on blogs. . . we would be happy ladies.