October 5, 2007


Libby at pinkshirtsandcarwrecks tagged me to share 7 odd/unknown things about myself. I think this is the first time anyone has tagged me for one of these. Well, actually Heather at presentpastcollection tagged me to show a photo of my desk, but it is so messy and un-cool right now that I never did it. Sorry Heather!

This photo has nothing to do with the post. It's just a sweet image of our dog Maisy as a puppy. As she's running around the living room throwing her ball all over the place I kind of miss when she was this tiny. They grow up so fast ; )

And here goes:
1. I have only had 5 different jobs in the 11 years I've been part of the workforce (babysitting before that not included). I always just had jobs that I really liked (and I don't like doing interviews).
2. My first car was an '81 Toyota Corolla that I bought for $825 with my own money. It had racing stripes fuzzy blue slipcovers that my mom made. At one point the headlights would not turn off so I had to disconnect the battery every time I parked so the lights wouldn't make the car die. And I also had to give the right headlight a little kick to make it go on.
3. I love making lists and crossing things off my lists. So much that sometimes when I do something that wasn't on my list I write it down so I can then cross it out.
4. When I cook I use WAY too many utensils. I don't know why I don't wash them in between uses, but I'll end up having used like 5 different knives of the same size to make one meal.
5. I'm a beer drinker. Lagers specifically: Shiner Bock and Stella Artois are my favorites.
6. I'm left handed. The only one in my family.
7. When I was a young girl (maybe 8 or 9) I remember doing little fashion shoots with my Barbie dolls and my pink camera. This is a fond memory because maybe I really did know what I wanted to do with my life from the beginning, it just took 23 years to figure out. I wish so much I could find those photos.

Thanks Libby, that was fun!


Sarah Barlow said...

OMG!! Sooo ditto about the lists! I'm so terrible about it and have lists for everything..but I guess in the end we'll get more done;) haha!

Dad said...

No one asked me but here is an eighth amazing fact about Raya. As a baby she could sleep while a guitar amp was blasting away just a few feet away from her little noggin. Sorry about any residual hearing loss honey.

Christa said...

Reading your blog was on my list today. Check.