October 17, 2007

Three Years

Today we celebrate three years...though the celebration part is pretty lame this year. We looked at each other yesterday and said "can you believe tomorrow is our anniversary?" No we cannot. Neither of us got gifts, I have not put on make up yet today or brushed my hair. Nor have I shopped for the dinner I am supposed to make tonight.

Every year is different - for our one year we went fancy and spent a week in New York. I can't even remember last year and this year will be a quiet night at home with Cornish hens and cornbread stuffing. And maybe some Internet shopping. He wants Patagonia and I want Banana Republic. Maybe we can strike a deal.

I can't say enough how happy I am that Forest married me on October 17, 2004. I don't know what I'd do without him and life with the two of us together is so good.


lsaspacey said...

What beautiful and unique beach wedding pictures!

KT said...

Happy Aniversary. I am happy you married Forest too. I was thinking today about how I took all the left-over flowers to the hotel room. Because of the rain after the wedding, there was no one around to give them to. I will never forget how fragrant that hotel room was. Sweet, like you.

Dad said...

Yes , happy happy belated anniversary to you both. And yes we are all very happy you married Forest, :-)

christa said...

Happy Anniversary Raya and Forest! Next year you can celebrate with Baker too.