November 18, 2007

Baby Bassinet

Rumor has it my mother-in-law found this Pottery Barn bassinet used for $75 (normally $369!). We've been trying to purchase as many used items as we can for the baby (to cut down on spending and consumption). I'll admit I am REALLY picky about baby stuff and how it looks, etc..and any affordable bassinets I've found are usually covered in frilly lace or are just...not acceptable for my decor and tastes.

This is pretty clean and simple. Yes, it's pink, but my sister-in-law will use it for her new baby girl until we have our boy, then we'll recover the pads in another fabric or order the blue set.

Thanks Teresa!


Stef said...

I LOVE this bassinet! I wanted this so badly for my kiddos, but as you said, its pricey. :)
Hope you get it! $75 is an awesome deal.
Share pictures if you can.

Jenny said...

Do you still have this? I am looking for one for my little sis-please email me if you are interested in, thanks!