November 10, 2007

New Couch & Computer Dorks

It's 9:45 PM on a Saturday: And what are my husband and I doing? Dorking out on our computers...

Working on translating ShowIT Effects & Borders into French...if that makes no sense to you check out those two pieces of awesome software here. They are great for professional and just-for-fun photographers.

Updating our baby registries

Researching Combi International strollers and car seats. I think we may have found the ideal infant car seat/lightweight compact stroller combination. After spending 30 minutes at Babies R' Us tonight pretend strolling around the store, I am thrilled.

Looking at designsponge and realizing I've hit a wall and need to get re-inspired. Took another look at Grace's sofa guide - we've been thinking about the Crate & Barrel Petrie, but I've been indecisive about the color. But then every time I see it in Cocoa I say, ooh that's pretty. I have the actual sample and it seems darker than it looks on the web, but maybe it won't be that way once it's covering an entire couch.

Anyway, it is pretty isn't it. And it's reasonably priced for a sofa it's size. This seems like a color that will be pretty dog/baby resistant as well. Which is of course now my concern about everything - how times have changed.


Christa said...

Check out I'm really liking their "Animal" sofa in Dark Roast. Might be too mod for you guys but their stuff is well made, has great lines and is very reasonably priced. I also like their "Strut" tables.

Amber said...

I highly recommend the Carona sofa at Macy's. Although I love the petrie as well as similar ones at Room & Board and DWR, we ultimately got the Carona because we loved it best, not to mention the shockingly low price.

Schwagerblogger said...

words from a mom of three concerning couches and car seats and strollers: i used to have a combi car seat and i liked it very much, however....the graco snugride is the highest rated for safety and is much more universal than the combi. which means that it is compatible with just about every stroller out there while the combi works with relatively few. and it's pretty much guaranteed that you will want to get another stroller for some reason at some point. like a jogger, for example, to lose the post pregnancy pounds. as for couches, certainly dark is better than light, but fabric of any color absorbs baby fluids right into the cushions, which are costly to clean even if you can scrub off the upholstery. and it's not just spit up, diaper leaks and vomit (which always takes you by suprise), it's juice and milk (which sours) and markers, etc, etc. so, either get leather, wait until the kids are older to get the sofa or resign yourself to having a grody kid sofa. or get something really, really inexpensive that you can toss in a few years. hope that helps.

corrie said...

I have to admit that sounds great...pushing a stroller around is something I am looking forward to a little too much. But since that is not in my near future I will be borrowing your baby/stroller combo THANKS : )