November 8, 2007

Sweet Lips

Our new little niece and her pretty heart shaped lips.

We attended our first birth class last night. It is taught at the birth center where we're having the baby and is pretty small - just three other couples. This class was a lot of introductions and basic info, but I liked it. At the end of each class we watch a birth on DVD. I haven't seen a birth since I was 11, and I remember more of the excitement & jumping when my sister Sarah was actually born, not so much the contractions & pushing & bodily fluids.

The one we watched last night did not freak me out as much as I thought it would - although they do edit 2 hours down to like 5 minutes so it seems like all this girl has to do is push a couple times and voila, baby. All the pushing is the thing that I have the most anxiety about - not the pain, but just the actual pushing that 8 lb. thing out of me.

And how frustrating is it that every time you push the baby comes out a little, but then goes back in again? I know it's for a reason - if it came out all at once super quick - ouch and...stitches please. But that seems like the most frustrating part to me. Actually, I give the girl the most props for having her mom, her mother-in-law and her step-mom all present at the birth. Wow, that is bravery.

I wonder which one we'll watch next week. Our instructor said there is one where the girl yells and screams a lot. That will be fun to watch!


Erin said...

I thought pushing was the worst. The pain of contractions, during transition - that's hard. But, you just have to "deal with it", you know? The pushing- it is all on you. If you just lay there & don't do anything, you're in trouble. I felt like I was totally not in good enough shape, for the huge workout of pushing.

big hair betty said...

I'm addicted to A Baby Story on TLC. It's encouraging to see all types of women giving birth, if they can do it, you can too!! I love the natural, water births, they are amazing! I'd love to have a birth at home one day, but for now we'll be at the hospital, hopefully in about 4 weeks!! The human body is pretty incredible, YOU CAN DO IT RAYA!

christa said...

this is by far the least pretty thing you've discussed on this blog. thankfully there are those pretty baby lips to counter all that amazing visual imagery conjured up by your words.

raya said...

I know Christa, sorry. But I gotta keep it real. It's not cookies & crafts & pretty pictures all the time : )

Anonymous said...

wow ray maybe this one belongs in your diary .... : P gross.

Leslie said...

... been lurking.
thanks for being real!

oh and those lips are delicious.
btw an hour later. you won't care... you really really won't care.

Stef said...

what a beautiful picture! makes me want to kiss a baby right now. mine are both napping.

labor is hard, all of it. but you'll make it. God gives strength that you cannot imagine until you're in it. And, unless you're totally opposed to it, you can always get the epidural.

Claire said...

You'll be great. Once you are there your body kind of takes over and you do what you gotta do to get it done. With my son I had an epi and pushed for three hours, but it truly felt like two minutes even though it was hard. With my daughter I had nothing and she came in two pushes. Basically you never know how it is gonna be till you get there!

shannon said...

My 2nd baby is 8 months old now and I had a natural birth (the first ended up as a ceaserean) By time I got to the pushing there were so many amazing hormones zooming round that as it was happening it didn't seem to hurt at all- immediately after I just felt like I could jump over tall buildings- those hormones are so worth it!