December 18, 2007

Christmas Wrapping

Last year I went with a gold/snowflake doily theme for our gifts. You can see photos here on our family blog (this was pre-paper pony and I was just starting to post fun stuff like this). Sadly that blog has been much neglected since, oh July. I'm sure when the baby comes we'll start posting again - I will spare you all the posts with 10 photos of Baker doing something only the grandparents will care about.

Sorry, I'm off topic. Back to wrapping. This year I'm in more of a "use what you got" mindset. So this is what I've got:

Random papers from years past and some baker's twine.
It's going to be a mixy-matchy Christmas : )


sweetninjaxoxo said...

Where did you get your big spools of baker's twine? I've never seen it in blue and I think it's great!

raya said...

I did a huge search and found it online at this site:

Even with shipping it is really affordable. I will have these spoolss forever. Have fun!