December 13, 2007

More Gocco

I decided to try and make our personal holiday cards with the Gocco this year. They turned out okay...I learn more each time I use this machine and definitely would have done a few things differently. My designs always seem to go very close to the edge (I just like things like that), but these cards are slightly larger than my Gocco printing surface so the design doesn't get burned in well at the edges and that causes problems.

From now on I will know that I just can't do that on every side - one or two sides would be okay, or I could use smaller cards. Anyway, I'm still so happy with how quick and easy the Gocco is. I have an idea for gifts involving the Gocco and just ordered a bunch of recycled paper & envelopes from here.

Somehow I think I'll get that project done plus the rest of my Christmas shopping all while potentially having a ripped apart house all next week. We might have our floors put in before Christmas because it's either now, or in May. Aaahhh! We're crazy, I know.


kristin said...

i love the cards. they are super beautiful. the fact that they don't have perfect edges is quite a *happy accident,* i feel like. maybe you can just plan on those happy accidents when you make larger cards. for a while, i had a hard time with things not being perfect in my art- but the letterpress has sort of gotten me over that. messy stuff can be cool, i've discovered.

if you know that you won't have too many people over for the holiday- i say, take advantage and get the floors done now. after baby will be fine, but it is just another hurdle in my opinion.

Leslie said...

love these.. looks like you are working the gocco...

:) floors post baby might be crazy.. I vote get it done too.