December 18, 2007

One Last Look

At our carpet and tile before it gets ripped up and replaced with beautiful hardwood!

As I write this they've already taken everything out and leveled out the floor. Our house looks really small without any furniture. Usually it's the opposite, but for some reason with our house having stuff in it actually makes it feel more roomy.

We decided to go ahead and have the floors put in this week. We weren't expecting to, but the crew had time and we just went for it. The saddest part was taking the Christmas tree down on December 16th - so much for that. And so much for the baking and handmade gifting I was going to do this week.

I don't know how it got to be a week before Christmas so suddenly. On Nov. 30th I was feeling so prepared and geared up to get everything done. And now I'm looking at the pile of unwritten Christmas cards on my desk and the list of gifts I still need to buy (pretty much all of them). At least I have no choice but to go shop today - can't do much here at the house. It's rainy here too and feels all Wintery and Christmasy. The perfect day to be out enjoying the season.

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Vallen said...

We just did this very same thing in the living room, it went surprisingly fast - two days is all. I hope that's the case for you guys. You'll be so happy when you see it.