December 20, 2007

Where I Want To Be Today

Lying in my bed looking at these beautiful roses on our dresser. Our friend Kasey works for the Cut Flower Growers Association in California and often is gifted beautiful bouquets by the growers he visits. He shared these amazing roses with us - the stems were each about 3 feet long (no joke) and the buds are as big as my fist. Not a bad job perk, especially for his wife Tarah : )

Our floors are done and they look amazing. What a difference. I will post a photo tomorrow when we get all our furniture moved in. For now its still all crammed into the office and guest room. I'd much rather be in my cozy bedroom than in the office full of furniture, so I may just bring the laptop in there and work from my bed today. It just feels like the right thing to do.


KT said...

That's where I want to be today. In my bed gazing at beautiful roses!

faithsalutes said...

I want roses. Stat. So happy you get to lay in bed. Keep baby happy, Raya...that is your mission.

raya said...

I'm there. With a pile of pillows behind me, the laptop on my legs and Maisy sleeping next to me (don't tell Forest about that part). So far it's working out quite nicely : )