March 30, 2007

Gifts Galore
I forgot to post this fabulous spread of goodies given to me for my birthday. Most of this is from my mom, but the cherry greeting cards and magnets are from Shelly. My favorite is that Martha Stewart circa 1984 book - wow, those sleeves are amazing.

If you click on the image it will take you to flickr where there are notes over each item.

I also received a fun gift from Christa and my Vintage Kitchen Swap package yesterday, so I will shoot those soon for show and tell.

Have a wonderful weekend!

March 29, 2007

Otters in Love

Okay, my friend Faith posted something so cute on her blog you have to see it:

Go here:

Like she says watch it until the very end. Total cute overload.


It's good to be home. Yesterday was a long day of travel - we decided to fly standby on an earlier flight, so that meant getting to the airport 3.5 hours earlier than our standby flight and 5.5 hours earlier than our original flight. Good thing I had a book.

When we got up to check-in the United representative was very smiley - a cute woman in her 50's with a blonde bob, glasses, and a ginormous diamond on her finger. I always notice rings for some reason. Anyway, I liked her.

I liked her until she said "um, did you come out her on your original flight?". No, I hadn't. I was unable to come with Forest on Sunday so I ended up buying another flight on Monday since that was cheaper than switching my existing flight. I should know that cheating the system never works for me.

Turns out if you aren't on your first flight, they cancel your whole trip. I actually knew this, but I did not do what I know I am supposed to do and call them to say I still want that flight. I just checked the Internet and saw that my flight was still there, so I thought all was good. Lazy. "Yes, United lady I do want to get home and no, I'm not staying in Vegas one more day, so here's my credit card. Please charge me another $150. Thanks!"

This story is getting too long, so here are two redeeming highlights of the story after this:
• I got checked for extra security due to my one way flight purchasing, but it ended up getting us through the security line in like 15 min. instead of an hour. 1 point for Raya.
• We got on our standby flight and sat in the exit row - how these seats were not booked already, I don't know but I always try to get the exit row seats and never do. 2 points for Raya. Game over.

By the way, this photo is of our antique O'keefe and Merrit stove. It came with the house, and was definitely the closer for me when we were looking. We had our realtor write it into the offer we liked it so much.

March 28, 2007

Meeting People

Yesterday was a long day, but so worth it. After our friend David Jay's seminar on how to free yourself from being a slave to your business - I learn something new every time I listen to him give this presentation - we met some amazing photographers who I've long admired for the way they shoot and how they run their businesses.

95% of their senior sessions business comes from MYSPACE. They are geniuses. They've got the senior market dialed in Phoenix, AZ and when I first saw the way they reach out to kids it was one of those "Doh! Why didn't I think of that?!" moments. Excited to hang with them when we're in Phoenix next.

Basically, my hero. She hung out with us when she probably could have been doing way better things, and it was such a treat to get to chat with her for a few hours. I love her character and her openness with everyone. She is a mom of two, a published author, a business saavy lady, and she's gonna be on Oprah someday. Plus our computer-geek husbands are like two peas in a pod, so we have that common bond of not understanding a word they say half of the time.

Thanks Me Ra, and thanks Chris, Tammie & crew for hangin' with us. We'll be seeing you soon...

March 27, 2007

City of Lights

Blurry Vegas Street

Fountain at the Paris Hotel

This baloon is my favorite...

Penny Slots

March 26, 2007


Um, no. Vegas. But wouldn't that be nice....

We are here at the Paris Las Vegas Hotel for the WPPI (Wedding & Portrait Photographers International) tradeshow.

Paris Las Vegas - where Monmartre is where you go to play craps. Le Cabaret is where you eat, not where pretty girls dance...

And "La Tour Eiffel" is conventiently located smack dab in the middle of the pool.

And somehow also seems to be growing up from the casino floor straight through the faux sky ceiling...

Forest and I are both here, so it's part business trip, part mini-vacation. The mid 80's weather is perfect and you know I we'll be holding a few of our meetings pool side.

March 23, 2007

Yellow Gold

I have been loving gold + yellow for some time now. Its kind of seventies glamour meets cheery spring day. I remember hating gold when I was a teen and being adamant that I only wore silver. Its too bad, but those were the nineties. Needless to say, I'm glad I grew out of that - gold rules and I hope it never goes out of style again. Actually, it probably never did...because let's face it what did I know when I was 15? I wore green jeans for crying out loud.

This is my new yellow quilted tote with reversible green apple print inside from none other than forever 21.

The rest of these photos are of my own collection of vintage clutches. Some of them have been purchased for me, others are finds from antiquing/thrifting.

For my bridesmaids gifts I gave each one a vintage clutch. Half the fun was searching for them and finding something that was unique to each one of the girls. I think my favorite is the one I gave to Faith - if I can remember correctly it was covered in buttons. Maybe I'll borrow it for a photo shoot sometime.

March 22, 2007

Let Heidi Merrick Dress You

Hello Heidi. I want to own every single one of your dresses. Every single one.

It's true, it is so much easier to be kind when you feel beautiful.

Thanks How!

Megan over at HOW Magazine was kind enough to mention my photography on their blog the the other day..

HOW is a fabulous design magazine, one that I have been a fan of since photography school. And the people who contribute are just cool...all talented creatives who use their talents to benefit the rest of us. I want to be friends with them : )

Magazine blogs are something I forget about, but they are such a good addition to the actual book itself. All kinds of new information daily. This is definitely worth adding to your daily feed. Thanks Megan!

March 21, 2007

Mild Obsession

I have a mild obsession with mid-century modern-like chairs. I think I get this from my mom - the love of chairs, anyway. Mid-century modern is a little too close to her, I think. She said today, "you know you're getting old when the time you grew up in has an 'era' ".

Oh well, at least they were doing some good design in that era.

I purchased this pink plastic chair with some birthday money from an antique store. I don't think it's by anyone that important considering the price tag, but what is important is that it's pink : )

the lensbaby at work again. I really love this lens.

with my mock-crock vintage purse.

March 20, 2007

Meet my lens, babie.

You ever heard of lensbabies? They are not the most obscure piece of photography equipment, but they are a novelty (and not a cheap one) so like a lot of people, I am not likely to buy one just because. However, as a, okay!

Forest bought me the Lensbabie 3G for my birthday. This thing is crazy - the original lensbaby is controlled completely by your fingers, so you can get some really amazing fine focus, but its hard to get the same result twice. This one has these locking mechanisms that make it essentially like a 4x5 and a 35mm camera put together. You can bend the lens all around and get the smallest piece of your image in focus, while the rest blurs out towards the edges of the frame.

I have only had it for a few days, but here are a few shots from my birthday party and around the house so you can see what it does:

Depending on how you hold the lens you can get unlimited results. I can't wait to play.

For other novelty cameras check out Holga & Lomography...both are relatively inexpensive and simple cameras that produce unpredictable images. The best part is you really don't need to know all that technical photography stuff. Your eye + Holga or Lomo = coolness. Have fun!

March 19, 2007

I heart pin cushions

I promised photos of birthday gifts on Friday and did not deliver - sorry : (. That was because I "treated" myself to an hour of antiquing and didn't give myself time in the day to take pictures of all the lovely items inside those packages.

Side note: I learned that "treating" trick from my friend Bonny. She says "who can argue with that?" Is someone going to say you shouldn't treat yourself to something? After all your hard work? Try it, it works.

Anyhew, back to photos. Here are a few I did take of these amazing pin cushions my mom made! They remind me of Maria Antoinette, a movie I watched about three times last weekend (Forest was on a fishing trip with the guys).

These designs are from a lovely woman Betz White who was recently featured on Martha Stewart. Aren't they delicious? My mom is also uber talented, if you can't tell : )

Link Love

Check out today's post over on design sponge! I was thrilled when I saw this and am just flattered that they liked my work enough to post about me. One of my goals for this blog is to inspire others to be creative. I am inspired so much by other bloggers (Posie, Little Birds, Liquid Paper and many more) and love the community of creative people collaborating out here in blog land.

Design sponge is a wonderful blog about all things design - you could spend hours there! Thanks Grace @ design sponge and Kristina @ three layer cake for the link love today : )

March 16, 2007

B Day

Twenty-eight...late twenties, approaching thirty very quickly. Don't get me wrong - I am happy to be turning 28 today. I like growing up and this is most likely going to be a very "growing up" kind of year.

Yesterday a package arrived from my family, full of Bee - utiful gifts that I waited to open until today just so I could photograph them (normally I would not have been able to contain myself). I love when presents are just as good outside as they are inside, and I'm sure in this case that will be true.

Today Forest made me a birthday smoothie (my favorite) and I am just about to leave for breakfast with a good friend. Here is a sneak peek at the presents ; ) I'll show ya what's inside very soon...

March 15, 2007

Tea Time

It's gloomy here today...and the time change has not only darkened the mornings, it has literally put me an hour behind. These are the days when I want to drink 10 cups of tea just to stay warm. Maybe the caffeine will help me make up that lost hour.

March 14, 2007

It's Really Happening

So this apron project I started is actually happening...almost can't believe it. I am not so great at finishing projects sometimes (the scarf I started knitting in Dec. is still not done, and now its 75˚ outside. sigh..)

The pockets were a little difficult, as Vallen warned. After staring blankly at the 1948 instructions for 30 minutes and making one phone call to my mom regarding bias tape I managed to figure it out. From there it went pretty well - just the waistband and ties to go, then its done! More photos to come...

My favorite lunch on one of my vintage TV trays - finger foods and iced tea.

Don't even think about it, dog.

March 13, 2007

Cheer up Buttercup

Feeling a little blah today, but photos always cheer me up. These two make me happy:

March 12, 2007

Fall, Winter...Summer!

I kind of feel like we've skipped a season around here. I took the dog for a walk on the beach today and there were quite a few people working on their first sun burn of 2007. I like the cold, but winter is somewhat of a joke in Southern California..if I can't wear a wool coat and a scarf I'd rather be in a bathing suit - and looks like I'll be taking my lunch breaks on the lounge in the backyard just like old times. Care to join?

p.s. this photo is from a shoot I did last Summer with little baby Raya (my best friend, obviously). She is my friend's little girl and is now the fourth Raya I know of on planet here to see the slide show

March 9, 2007

Just Can't Wait

When you've got something good, sometimes its hard to hold it in. I am like this, especially with gifts. That's why I don't shop early - because I will not be able to wait until the actual special day to give the gift.

Apparently Faith is like this too, because she surprised me with this early birthday gift last weekend. Just as I don't mind giving early gifts, I don't mind getting them either : ) We saw these in an antique shop when she was visiting a few weekends ago. I mentioned how much I loved them and she stealthily purchased them while I was in another area of the store. I was SO excited! I think if I were a glass I would want to look like this. Thanks Faithy!