June 18, 2007

City Boys

While I was visiting Santa Cruz for my sister's graduation I took a day trip to San Francisco with Meg and her boys. Here they are at Caffe DeLucchi, one of my favorite restaurants in North Beach:

We did a little shopping, during which the boys were very well behaved and kindly followed me around while I picked out clothes at H&M. One of them even gave hair advice to the employee helping me.

And then...AND then...

As a treat for enduring all the retail boringness we went to Kara's Cupcakes for a treat.

These cupcakes are amazing. Not very clean though...but hey, it's a cupcake, and we cleaned up our mess(es). One of my pet peeves is messy food, but with cupcakes I am willing to make an exception.

One fellow patron looked quite disgusted with the 5 of us because she actually said something to the woman at the counter about having forks because look at these boys, they can't even eat them without getting frosting everywhere. Um, believe me, we were fine with the frosting. Some people....

The littlest Nordin, obviously excited about what he is about to do with that cupcake.

June 15, 2007

The Countdown

I am struggling to get everything done so that I can be stress-free in one week, here:

This marks the 10th anniversary of my first trip to Maui. Here are some photos of me, circa 1997:

Despite what you may be thinking, I am in fact 18 in these photos, not 12. I spent a Summer there after high school with an organization called YWAM - we spent three of our weeks in the Philippines working in orphanages and visiting remote islands. This was one of the best experiences of my life, and the girl in the last photo on the right is a friend I still see and keep in touch with.

I used to go about once a year, but its been awhile since I've been back. I'm looking forward to visiting with Forest and getting a much needed start on my Summer tan. Before that we have to do a quick detour to Seattle, so today's my last day at home. Blogging has been sparse, but I think y'all will live...it's just a phase ; )

Have a lovely weekend - I'll try to post in Seattle, but if I don't I'll be back soon! Email me your address and I'll send you a postcard from the tropics.

June 6, 2007

Meet the Ladies

I've always wanted to take a photo of these girls to post on the blog - but doing that has proven a challenge. They're in our guest bathroom which is really narrow, and the only light is from one little 12 in x 12 in window. I found these in an antique shop and though I usually try to keep my purchases pretty tame for the husband's sake, I was just charmed by these.

They are (I think) photos of celebrities from the 60's - early 70's? I have yet to identify them, and I was embarrassed to ask the woman at the store. So if anyone knows who they are, help a girl out! They're definitely kitschy, but they make me happy and I love the cheesy plastic gold frames.

So, it looks like I'm averaging a post about every other day lately. I don't know what's up, but I've been pretty busy and preoccupied this last month. I miss it though, and hope to get back on track in July after vacations and all that. It's finally sunny here today and of course I have tons to do. I might try to sneak out for a bit during lunch. Anyone have fun vacation plans coming up? Do tell!

June 4, 2007


We got a new look for the living room up in here. It's been a few weeks now, but Saturday we sold our old stuff at our yard sale and now have room to get the new stuff set up. When I say new, I don't mean new of course. This is the credenza I bought on ebay and the table is part IKEA, part 50's hairpin legs stolen from a display case I bought on craiglist.

I love how the new look is shaping up, and now we need new pillows and some art work on the walls. I am the worst when it comes to putting things on walls. I never can decide what I want, or what I want costs a fortune.

I just saw that decor8 is having an Amy Butler mood board contest and the deadline has been extended to June 11th! I haven't made a mood board since this one, and I'm itchin' to do another. I'll show you what I come up with and will post more pics of the house as it comes along. Happy Monday! Hope it's sunny where you are...We leave for Maui in 2.5 weeks and the California Summer weather is not coming through for us...I might have to resort to desperate measures lest I go to the tropics in my winter skin and get fried the first day.