January 18, 2008

2008 :: Goals

On a drive home from LA last weekend Forest and I were talking about our goals for 2008. Not necessarily "resolutions" - I am never very good at making and keeping those - but rather long-term goals for the year.

Since we're having a baby this year we, especially me, know to set the bar low. I have no idea how being a mom and running a business is going to go and want to be realistic. So, with little fanfare here is my very small list of goals for 2008:

1. Grow my business by 50%. This might seem like a lot, but it's a really small business and this should be totally doable.

2. Open an Etsy shop. I want to keep it pretty focused - selling my paper on canvas collages and paper products printed with my Gocco. So many people do it and...I wanna play too!

3. Start a compost pile. Just because every time I cook and throw away scraps of vegetables I feel horribly guilty. We could reduce our waste by so much if we composted and maybe this would finally get me to learn something about gardening and stop my plant killing spree.

So now I've written them down and made them official. Scary. And now you know about them . Feel free to harass me if August comes around and I have still not announced the opening of my Etsy shop. I will thank you later : )


Alishia said...

It's 6:20am on a Saturday and I am up with my child and reading your blog. I have a compost pile! I felt guilty, too, but I would console myself with the fact that all that organic material heaped into a landfill helped keep that landfill healthy in the long run. If we lived closer I'd totally help you garden because I love it. Maybe I can help you virtual garden? I could help you pick out plants or plan a small garden. I LOVE doing that! I can't wait for Baker to arrive. Then you'll have a whole new skill set requiring new goals! xoxo

noi said...

hey raya!

I enjoy looking and reading your site soo much...

so much so, that i've been talking abt it so much, and gosh... the amy butler's book you speak of...
i kept on telling evryone,
"i wanna learn to do that tooo!!
it's so pretty!"

and now, my mom's gonna get me a sewing machine!
im uber excited!

alexandra said...

Raya... your blog is so beautiful. I stumbled upon it from my old friend, Jessica Garaway's blog. My friends and I recently started a blog and I was so inspired [and so discouraged by our lack of ingenuity] after looking at yours! And, oh! I'm SO excited to see you open an Etsy shop. Keep us posted on that!

amy said...

i am child-less and i am still impressed by your list.

Right-brain Release said...


I love how creative you are. You inspired me to buy In Stitches and make an apron and placemats this weekend!
While I don't compost, I do use BioBags. They're biodegradable, so even if they end up in a landfil, they'll decompose and let everything inside have a shot at decomposing too. Just a little alternative. www.biobagusa.com

Julie said...

i'm excited for you! very wonderful goals :)

big hair betty said...

Great goals! I've been looking into composting as well! The City of Santa Cruz has classes on composting and worming and they offer a rebate for when you buy a compost bin. I wonder if your city has something like that? Any little bit of help, helps!

One Love Photo said...

Great little goal list, I wasn't brave enough to publish mine! Good Luck and get that shop up soon, so we can all buy some cute stuff!


.::. ariane phillips .::. said...

YA!!! I would totally love to see you on etsy. I shop there all the time and am always looking for beautiful pictures to purchase.

Great goals! Myself - I made a "to-do" list for 2008 - nothing high level though :)

Good luck and keep us posted on your etsy shop!