January 23, 2008

Care Package from Momma

Reason # 348 why my mom is the best ever.
She sends me boxes of fabric left over from her sewing jobs. I mentioned that I wanted to make some of these blocks out of a Martha Stewart Baby magazine:

and she said, "oh I have some foam you can use for those and I'll send you some fabric too". What I got was this cardboard box weighing 15lbs, FULL of beautiful fabric scraps and pre-cut blocks for my little project. I am overwhelmed by how much good stuff is in here.

All this took up half of our huge dining table. Guess I will need to re-organize my fabric stash soon - not that I'm complaining.

She also sent me a beautiful little quilt and some of the softest baby jammies I've ever felt. Photos to come soon. Thanks mom!


Leslie said...

you do have an awesome momma...
how fun is that box. Sew your heart out.

btw.. loving your blog, and anxiously awaiting your sweet boy. Soon now huh?

Jessica said...

Wow, that's an amazing care package! Does your mom want to adopt any more adult children? You'll have to post pics of the blocks when you're done!

Chere Amie said...

I love the color-coordinated piles! Promise to post pics of your finished products?

amy said...

gosh - how gorgeous! lucky you your mom has such amazing scraps lying around!

amber said...

what a fun package to get in the mail, I think the last time I got a carepackage I was 12 at sleepaway camp...those were the days.