January 7, 2008

Favorite Blankies

On our new favorite chair. We had a shower with Forest's family over the weekend, and what can I say except they know me well. I mentioned to Forest that I'd love to have an Eames rocker for the baby's room and so the whole family went in on one for us. Forest's sister's father-in-law is in the furniture business and is a big Eames fan himself, so he used his connections to make this chair possible. I feel so blessed to have such a caring family. Thanks David and everyone!

Also, thanks to Forest's family our baby will have no shortage of favorite snuggly blankies. We went from very few to this giant stack - a few of them handmade by various talented women in the family. I can't wait to cuddle B in any of these.

Speaking of handmade, we have been given some beautiful handmade gifts and I'll be doing a post showing all of those off. I am consistently blown away by the talent all around me. It's just amazing.


faithsalutes said...




raya said...

yes. blown away. have a baby, then forget about the changing table and stroller. ask for this.

kt mac said...

wow what an exciting gift!
my cousin just had a baby girl and got the white one - such a fun chair! won't be long til you cuddle little Baker in it!
wishing u guys all the best! :)

i also love that cute little elephant!

Christa said...

I LOVE that rocker! I want one! Do I need to have a baby to get one?

Post more pregnant photos please.

leslie said...

that chair is so gorgeous! love the color. i recognize that elephant too! very cute. oh and you cant have enough blankets, ever.

lookwhaticando said...

I just wanted to thank you so very much for the elephant on that GORGEOUS rocker!!! Love the photo oh so much. I am on my 25 week now and I am getting tired. Hope you are feeling good. xoxo