January 18, 2008


I think Maisy is starting to appreciate the hard wood floors. She's figured out they get a lot warmer in the sun than the tiles did. She now follows the warmth around like this throughout the house. The girl loves to sun bathe.

I'm still feeling lousy, but one can only lie on the couch for so long - even if it is in the most comfy, cozy robe ever. My brother gave me this robe for Christmas and being sick has given me an excuse to live in it these last three days. And then when the baby comes I'll have another reason to wear it for weeks! Yes.

Happy Friday to you all. Looking forward to feeling better by tomorrow and getting back to cleaning, sewing, decorating and feathering the nest.

1 comment:

Alishia said...

I want to see you and your pregnant belly! The floors look great, though.