February 7, 2008

365: A baby's first year

Thank for you all your kind comments on my last post! They have been very encouraging to read as I adjust to being a mom. I am doing well, but Forest went back to work this week so it's been another adjustment of figuring out how to get things done without someone else around. That only lasted for about half a day though - My mom came to town for the week though and that is wonderful. I have a few more days before I'm turned completely loose : )

I'm not getting that much done these days, but I have started a new project that I am excited to share. Inspired by 3191, Soule Mama's 30 days and others I've decided to document the first year of this baby's life with one photo a day.

I think it will be fun to look back on this year and see all the events, mundane and exciting, that took place. For all you baby-less readers do not worry: These posts won't take the place of my regular posting and hopefully they will be somewhat interesting images to look at. I'm also hoping it will be an exercise for me professionally and challenge me to create images that go beyond just "cute" photos of a baby's face. Photographing babies can be pretty easy because they are...babies, but some of the more impactful images I've seen are so much more than that.

Anyhow, I hope you enjoy. Here is the first photo, taken not two hours after he was born. I think Faith had the camera for this one and I just love it.


I'll have to do some back posting to catch up to day 14 which is where we are now so you might see a bunch of these all at once at first, but then I'll start just posting one a day. Happy 2 week birthday baby!


kt mac said...

wow what a precious shot!
this is a great idea..
and he is going to grow up with the best photos of his childhood having you as a mum!


faithsalutes said...

You do not even know how validated I feel about having the first shot! YESSSSSSSSSSSSSS. I am AWESOME...and I am so in love with your baby boy!

Erin said...

Faith, you are awesome. What a perfect picture!