February 25, 2008

Checking In

Hi there! I'm still catching up on my 365 project posts...hopefully I'll get the rest up soon so that I can start just posting one a day. Coming up with an interesting photo every day is harder than I thought. I have to resist taking a million photos of his face 'cause it's so freakin' precious. But that would bore you all, so....

I'm trying to think of something else interesting to post today. I'm thinking it might be about fashion. All my mags arrived this week and for the first time in 9 months I'm actually excited to look at them because maybe I could wear something like what's in the photos. It's so weird to have my shirts hang loose again. I got so used to stretching them over my belly. I think this calls for a celebratory post about what I'd love to go out and buy.right.now.


Sarah Barlow said...

I'm finally catching up on my blogs!! :) Congratulations!! I am sooo excited for you guys!
The baby is so precious and I love that you are going to take a picture of him everyday..what an awesome memory!

Have fun buying new clothes!! :)

Stef said...

very cute pictures. he is such a beautiful baby! I love your 365 photos idea. I might try that with our next.

design for mankind. said...

You have such a LOVELY blog!!! :)

Alyssa Coberly said...

came across your blog while doing the ole surfing thing ... its quite lovely! in fact it made my little heart smile when i saw your baby pic a day project ... im sure that is something you will treasure FOREVER!

thanks for letting my eyes have a lovely place to rest today :0)