March 5, 2008

I Have a New Crush

And it's not on a celebrity or even a human's this mini cupcake from Crushcakes, a brand new cupcakery in Santa Barbara.

Our dear friends Lindsay & Katie brought us dinner last night and included a box of these sweet little desserts. Some of you may know that I wasn't eating sugar during my pregnancy because I had gestational diabetes, so now that I'm done with that people have been spoiling me with treats. Yum yum yum - no complaints here. The two I tried were scrumptious and I will most likely devour this one after lunch today.


perfectbound said...

Bite sized cupcakes! That one is adorable. I think I'd end up eating more thinking it was less because of their size. Oh well!

Vallen said...

Just read that we're getting a Sprinkles Cupcakes here in Palo Alto. What's not to love about cupcakes? Enjoy all the treats you can. darlin'