March 21, 2008

Vote for Emily and Brian!

Well, hullo. I have not blogged in a week - whats up with that? Babies, that's what's up. We are visiting my parents for the weekend and I brought my flash card which is full of good stuff intended for this blog. So if I find some time tomorrow I am going to try and catch up. Catch up - that's my mantra right now.

But real quick I wanted to post about an email I just received from one of my 2007 brides, Emily. She and Brian entered a handful of their photos in's Real Weddings Contest and we need your votes! I had such a blast with them on their wedding day, am SO happy they liked their photos enough to enter them in a contest, and would love to see them win.

If you have a second follow this link and give their photos a big fat 5 hearts. If you don't have a knot log-in you have to create one, but it literally takes 30 seconds (I did it too). So will you vote? Pretty pretty please?

Their website is also in the contest. They were #1 yesterday!

View my Real Wedding Awards Nominee!

Good luck you two! If you ask me you definitely had one of the best weddings of 2007 : ) xo


B&E said...

You are awesome! Thanks for the publicity :-) Loved seeing you and meeting Baker...he is adorable!

colleen said...

I LOVE that pic of them in front of the barn. I saw it a while ago and am glad I could show that I am a fan. I did look at the other pics on the site to be fair. You all win, hands down. BTW thanks for letting me meet little sweetie pie Baker.

cyndi & lee said...

Just popped over from sfgirlbybay and I'm so glad I did. The pictures you did for their engagement were amazing and I cried while watching the proposal section on their wedding site. What a romantic way to start my day! Thanks for sharing...