March 4, 2008

You Make My Day

Awhile back, the lovely girls of perfectbound named me one of their five blogs that "make their day". They are one of my must-reads and I always enjoy the little vignettes they put together and photograph for their posts. I think this was right around when I had the baby and I have to say it made MY day to know that I made theirs : )

I am following their prompt and wanted to share five blogs that daily make my day. I have - Oh, about 70 or so blogs in my Google Reader feed so these five are just a few of the many that I look forward to daily.

1. shimandsons
I love Sally's minimalism. Her images always make me feel peaceful- a wonderful place to declutter. And I wish I could wear dresses like she does! Don't have the body type, but every time she posts a photo of a new dress she looks so classy. And her little boys - inspiring me to let B's hair grow a little long and give him lots of hats. Plus she uses gray often in her products and home - my favorite color...or non-color.

2. faithsalutes
the now-on-hiatus blog of my bff is always an entertaining read. You would think that since we talk every day I wouldn't need to read her stories, but I have learned so much from her posts about her childhood, etc...and if they don't make me laugh they make me feel something. Read through the archives sometime and leave a comment! Maybe she will come back to us...

3. Making It LovelyHome projects galore! Nicole is so inspiring - she posts updates on their home and has created such a beautiful place to live.

4. sugar city journal
Two sister-in-laws who tag team this blog and make the most beautiful BEAUTIFUL clothes for their daughters. See this coat. I remember the outfits my mom made for me and I don't there is much else that is so special to a little girl.

5. pinkshirtsandcarwrecks
Libby is an artist and showcases her work as well as work by other designers. Always something good over there. Most recently she posted about some wonderful chair prints by artist Maria Jonosko.

Blog reading has never been so vital to my day as it is now. While I'm feeding the boy for hours a day and can't do much decorating, photographing or designing in my own life I can live vicariously through others and bookmark inspiration for future projects. Thanks to all you bloggers who make my day : )


Artsy Momma said...

Thanks for sharing, now I have a few more new-to-me blogs to check out!

Making it Lovely said...

Oh, thank you so much! I always look forward to seeing what you're up to too. :)

Leslie said...

thanks for sharing these.

but do want to let you know.. this season of constant feedings passes quickly. It passes far too quickly...

libby said...

thanks so much raya! and i love looking in on your corner of the blogosphere, too, especially the great photos of your new addition!

One Love Photo said...

Hear! Hear! Blogs are vital to a creative spirit stuck in a cubicle as well! Oh how I hope to make my break SOON! Very soon... Thanks for the list. Many of these are all new to me.