April 8, 2008

Amy Amy Amy

I forgot to share a very fun surprise I came home to after B's birth. Nan at Amy Butler sent me a care package with Amy's new book Midwest Modern and some new patterns to try out. So fun!

I really love this book, especially after my third or fourth look-through when I actually read the words. I do this with magazines too - flip through a few times and look at photos, then actually read the articles. I loved reading about her design process and learning that she still does all the original art for her fabric by hand with paint and paper.

I'm excited to make some of these bags when I get to sewing again and also wanted to send out a public THANK YOU to Nan for thinking of me : )

And continuing with Midwest Modern love, here is what is currently on my inspiration board.

I would be a horrible interior designer because I can NEVER make a decision and stick to one thing in my house. Before I've bought fabric or furniture for my current "idea" I've moved onto something else.

That said, I ditched my old color scheme and now thinking about pink/brown/yellow for the living room. Pink in the living room? Really? Yes, for now. I think. I don't know!

We went to a baby shower last weekend and the mom-to-be's house was beautiful, all neutrals and whites. Then I come back to my golden rod chairs and green kitchen walls and start to doubt myself. Something I heard recently is encouraging though and here it is: "Just do what you do". I think that rings true for me in every area of my life. I have to just do what I do and be myself - with my photography, home decor, wardrobe. All these things have a certain style and I need to just roll with it.

That said, all these pink-y fabrics from Amy's Midwest Modern line intrigue me. So we'll see. When I see them in person that might change, but if I actually get as far as making pillows I will let you know. So far that hasn't happened : )


Anonymous said...

I hope this will inspire you... I love love love your goldenrod colored chairs, and have been looking for one in a similar color ever since i saw them! they are so bright and beautiful and refreshing, but still worn in and well loved... i just love them so much.


tiaraco said...

I was just at the fabric shop picking out colors for a chair and ottoman I am redoing and you do second guess yourself...always.

However...do what you do. I love it!

Aarow said...

Whats up Raya, congrats on your son, also happy belated b-day (man we're getting old :) <--- (check out the sweeeet smiley face)

warmest regards,
Mr. A. Bertsch

faithsalutes said...

so i cant make decisions either...so my place is stale.

Anonymous said...

makingitlovely.com does pink very well. You are great at doing what you do though, so keep it up!

Anonymous said...

Ok, I'm coming out of "lurkdom" to say that I love your style! But I know what you mean because I do the same exact thing. I love your quote about just do what you do. I'll have to remember that.
I also need to say that I've loved reading your blog the last month or so since Rachel told me about it. It's a been a fun warm spot on these *still* cold Colorado days.

Jennifer ~your sister-in-laws sister-in-law :)

raya said...

Thanks for the encouragement, friends. It's nice to hear I'm not the only one who has these problems : )

Vallen said...

Don't doubt your style, it's impeccable by the way, just wish for more rooms so you can decorate each one as a new idea occurs to you.

Alyssa Coberly said...

fully my favorite quote when it comes to decorating my house:

"Insist upon YOURSELF, be original"
Ralph Waldo Emerson

LOVE IT ... and I remind my self of that everytime im flipping through a magazine and think "ohhh is that my style?"

Katherine said...

ofzawoh, i hear you! i've been struggling myself with feeling like i live in a crayola box (or romper room!) and craving a more neutral space. i guess what really matters is that our homes work for the life we have now (in our cases with little boys--just wait until baker is bigger...). i have had to accept that this is not the time for a white chesterfield, and when that time does come i will probably be longing for the romper room days once again.

Julia said...

That is great advice! Just do what you do! I think it's difficult being very visually stimulated people, it's hard to stick with just one idea when there are so many yummy ones out there!

Anonymous said...

Love your blog, we all want to see more photos of Baker though.