April 2, 2008

The Laptop...It was inevitable.

[photo by Robert Doisneau from Parisiennes ISBN-13:978-2-0803-0037-9]

This girl was quite ahead of her time wasn't she? I give her props for hauling that big piece of machinery all the way from her flat to the banks of the Seine. Though I have to think I would do the same were I alive in...1947. I'm sure when she saw the first laptop she was like "that's nothing. When I was a kid..."

Speaking of kid, B. is wearing his hand-me down Osh Kosh B'Gosh overalls from his cousin P. and he looks Puhhhh-recious. There is nothing so classic as Osh Kosh B'Gosh on a baby.

Oh wait.
I just looked and they are Baby Gap. Hmph. Well they're still overalls and they're still cute.


Julia said...

This picture and post made me laugh! She looks so aspiring! I'm a big fan of bebbies in overalls too :)

Anonymous said...

What could she be writing?...
Raya, I do hope you are enjoying your Mummyhood. It's certainly NOT easy. I love baby gap for my kiddos. Even more I love to sew up quick little outfits. Maybe you could pick up the sewing machine. Though not as portable as the camera, laptop or even the typewriter for that matter... cheers!

Krissy said...

I just found your blog somehow, and LOVE it! *bookmarked. Great photo

P.S. Do they still make Osh Kosh?

jessica said...

I love that photograph! I would do the same thing if I lived back then and wanted to enjoy the outdoors while typing up letters. props to those who did so back then.

ambika said...

How much do I love this photo? Especially considering I have one of the bigger, heavier laptops (originally bought just to watch movies & play music, *not* to lug around.) Thank you so much for posting this. I might have to track down a print for myself.