April 30, 2008

My Favorite

This is my favorite photo of little B recently. I took it for my "365 days of baby project" and man, I just can't even handle the cuteness.

Yeah, so whatever happened to that project anyway? Hasn't it been like a month and a half since you posted anything?

Right. About that. I'm still taking a picture every day, it's just the posting that I'm having problems with. But I'll get to it soon - being a mom has made me face the fact that I just can't do everything all the time. Priorities you know?

BTW, my brother's rehearsal and wedding were beautiful and I'm also working on those photos right now. I didn't get sick like I thought so I was able to shoot a bunch at the rehearsal and just a few at the wedding. They had two photographers so I just enjoyed the day and let them do their thing. Hopefully Josh will send me the slide show he made so I can post it here!

Happy Wednesday from B and me!


Katie said...

ohhhh!! Raya that is the sweetest photo. I am glad to hear both you and Baker are doing well!

Corrie said...

I can't handle it either...I am exhausted from all that cuteness over the weekend.... come back : (