April 25, 2008

Wedding Prep

We are up in Santa Cruz for my little brother's wedding this weekend. He's marrying a cute Southern Belle who is quite the DIYer even while working all the way up until yesterday - she's amazing. My parents are turning the house inside out to prepare for the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner they are hosting tomorrow, and I am trying to help though I am not feeling well and really hope I'm not getting sick.

The decor for the rehearsal is Martha Stewart lovlieness and I look forward to photographing all the little details that are going to make it pretty! I don't have the energy to take any photos right now, but here's the inspiration courtesy of marthastewart.com:

Click on the photos to see the how-to


teambrownlee said...

ohhhh, you're here!?! is there any way to see you even for a minute? just to see the sweet boy? call me.

swell.life said...

wowza, i can't wait to see your pictures! it sounds like the event of the year.

jaelle said...

sounds like it's going to be absolutely lovely and that you'll have much to photograph! the inspiration pictures are beautiful indeed.