May 8, 2008

Hard Week

*sigh* It's been a hard week over here, so sorry I have been absent on the blog.

First, I got sick and tried to kick it with natural methods (rest, Echinacea, Advil), but that didn't work. So I went and got antibiotics since I have a wedding this weekend and need to be at 100% for that.

Then, B started throwing up this morning around 4am and hasn't stopped. Maybe a reaction to the antibiotics, I don't know, but he didn't even keep down the frozen milk I had. It breaks my heart to watch him be sick - poor little guy.

To top it all off Forest is at a conference on the East Coast so I am missing him through all of this : ( Thankfully I am down at his family's house and they are giving me lots of help.

On a happy note, B rolled over all the way for the first time on Tuesday, yay! Everything pretty much went downhill after that.

Hope to be back next week with a healthy body and baby, and maybe some wedding pics from this weekend.

5/9 UPDATE: Forest's mom is now feeling sick with the flu! Lord help us. Thankfully Forest caught and early flight home and will be here in a few hours.


Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear about that! Take care and get lots of rest and water...looking forward to new pics. You're a vert talented photographer!

Mrs. Schwager said...

so sorry so barfy. it is so sad, i agree.

Anonymous said...

Oh Raya, I'm so sorry to hear all that. I'll say a prayer for you both. You're in good hands though down there! It was so good to see all of them (and little p for the first time) a couple weeks ago. Makes me so homesick for family.


Sarah said...

Just discovered your flickr pics and blog through your moms blog. I love your pics and your perspective!
Will be back to visit soon!