May 27, 2008

Memorial Weekend

This weekend I finally started to get B's room in order. Thanks to a visit from Nana and Auntie Hannah yesterday we had hands to hold the baby and could get some organization done. The crib is now set up, and I have a shelf above the wardrobe to start my little collection of vintage toys.

We bought the Gulliver crib from Ikea - it's only $99 and after an exhaustive search on craigslist for weeks we decided to just buy a new one. There's not much you can get for less than that anyway. It's simple, white and a nice contrast with the antique furniture we have in there. I'm so excited to get this room more put together and will share more photos as I make progress.

On a more thoughtful note, this was Memorial Day Weekend and in between my rejoicing that Forest had a day off and that I could go a whole day without checking my email, I found myself really feeling guilty that we did not spend more time remembering the reason we have this day off in the the first place. It's a rather somber day especially since we are currently in a a war- sometimes I find myself being so far removed from that reality. I found myself about to say "Happy Memorial Day!" a few times and realized how ridiculous that is - it's not so much a day we should be celebrating with beer and beach towels. I am not the greatest at expressing my thoughts in words, but I just wanted to share that here. That I desire to be more conscious of what's going on around me and to not take the comfortable and safe life we have here for granted. I am going to work on that this year.

I am so thankful that we have a house to decorate, fulfilling jobs, and a happy, healthy baby boy. Going into this week with those thoughts is very refreshing. Hope you all are feeling recharged after this long weekend : )


quaint handmade said...

I agree with you about the "Happy Memorial Day" - shouldn't it be more about reflecting and remembering? How did it turn into sales, etc.?

kt mac said...

this is looking gorgeous :)

what an eye you have for putting things together!

and you are right about memorial day. In Australia we have Anzac day (Australian and New Zealand Army Corps) which is when we remeber our troops fighting in Gallipoli in world war I (and the other few wars we have been involved in)it seems almost wrong to 'celebrate' with picnics and such.

But you have made me smile today and remeber and to be thankful for all that i do have :)

Caitlin said...


I am glad you and your family had a nice Memorial Day Weekend and I thought your comment about remembering the true reason for the Holiday . . .

I don't support this war but i do support the soldiers who are fighting for us.

I think a great way to show gratitude would be to go to the website and send a care package to a soldier who doesn't often get any mail or packages. I have been moving around a lot lately and so I have't sent my first package yet, but I will soon!

ClosetBird said...

I think I told someone to have a happy memorial day also. Hmm, good point Ray. I completely agree with you. Anyway, put more pictures of baby B up k? And tell him Auntie loves and give big kisses for me. k thanks. muah

kristin said...

we have the same crib and are using it for baby #2 these days (#1 is in a full size bed quite prematurely). i love your design sense.

Corrie said...

p.s. It's true. I do have a secret blog...I'm a closet blogger but if it makes you feel any better I only started posting a week ago. I'm sorry! I was going to tell you!

Erin said...

I like B's toys. How fun! I'm glad you got a chance to work on his room. Hooray!
Oh, how's he sleeping these days? Mine pulled an all nighter on Memorial night, actually. But, the rest of the week, he went back to waking once or twice. Oh well!

raya said...

Hey Erin,

B was sleeping 5-6 hour stints, but then he and I both got sick and well...ever since then he's been waking up once or twice a night. boo. I thought we were getting close to sleeping all night but it doesn't look like it : )

raya said...


Thanks so much for that link. I had never heard of it and spent 1/2 an hour reading the stories of the troops and am looking forward to sending some letters and care packages. It is nice to know we can help support them in a small but meaningful way. Thanks again!