May 13, 2008

A New Week

I'm so glad last week is over and we're onto a new one. It just continued to get more interesting as we went into the weekend.

Forest caught an early flight home from NY to take care of the baby since his mom was now sick and I would be shooting all Friday and Saturday.

Baker stopped throwing up Friday which was good, and which also made me certain it was a reaction to the antibiotics I was on. Everything seemed to be better and since I had a large storage of pumped milk I was not worried about him anymore. Then Saturday morning came...

I woke up with an upset stomach. Two hours before I needed to leave for a very long day. Wow, what else could go wrong this week. I feel like I've had a very mellow first three months of motherhood and this week was like a big "catch up" dose of all that is hard about being a mom.

The wedding went wonderfully and I will post a few photos very soon. We weren't done yet though and on Sunday (Mother's Day) Forest woke up not feeling well as did his sister and he spent the day in bed. We had planned to go home that day, but Forest needed a day to sleep. I don't know what was going around in that house, but whatever it was it made me want to come home and wash EVERYTHING anyone might have touched. And I did. Viruses are so nasty.

Baker seems to be doing better, but I have to feed him in very small doses or his stomach does not take the food well. My doctor asked me to feed him again to see if it really was the antibiotics. So scary! To know that you might potentially make your kid sick again - I did NOT want to do that. We've pretty much determined that he had a bug since everyone in the house had a day of the similar symptoms. Yikes...but glad It wasn't me that was making him sick. Talk about mommy guilt.

Sorry for all the gory details, but I just needed to get that out there. After lots of tears and questioning my skills and judgment as a mom, things are on the mend. Hope all you mothers who are reading this had a better day than we did. Here's to next year!


keely steger said...

For every hard and ugly and bad day there are many, many, many more good ones. Hard to remember when you're going through the hard ones, but it is true!
Glad to hear everyone's getting better.

Angela said...

So sorry to hear about the rough time! It can be a bit brutal balancing babies and photography but you're doing a great job and it does get easier (or maybe I'm just getting used to it being harder . . . ). Love your blog - gorgeous photos. :)