May 29, 2008

Polaroid I Miss You

By now everyone knows that Polaroid is shutting it's doors. This announcement came the day after B was born so I haven't been following recent news (like if they will license Ilford or Fuji to produce instead), but I have thought about it often. In my first year of school I spent a grip on 4x5 Polaroid since the bulk of our assignments were done with instant film. I learned all the fundamentals with that messy medium (and created a lot of trash in the process). But it's still special to me and I will miss it if it really goes away forever.

While cleaning this weekend I found two packs of 500 Polaroid for my Joycam. Hooray! Except that it expired in 2005. I decided to try it out anyway and this what I it's not good anymore (big surprise), but I think I'll keep using it. Might as well enjoy my last few pulls - the anticipation is still there and I may get something cool, you never know. That's the beauty of Polaroid.


Amy Roach said...

I didn't know that polaroid was closing their doors! Wow. And that's especially ironic since I just changed my banner on my blog to have polaroids. Coincidence? I think not.
And thanks for your comments!! :)

Mrs. Schwager said...

remember that party we had where we did a polaroid scavenger hunt?