May 23, 2008

Rain? Seriously?

It's raining in Ventura today. Weird. Here's Maisy bummin' hard on the guest bed. Normally she's not allowed up there, but it's all she's got to look forward to today so I'm letting her slide. There's a window to her right and keeping an eye on the sidewalk outside our house is her new favorite past time. And she looked cute with that pillow and 101 Dalmatians record.

The guest bed is in what is now B's room - it's kind of half his room half guest room. We're not ready to give up the extra bed yet, but we're moving the decor over to boy's room so when he is at the age to need a place to play he has his own space. We hung the records above the bed and I'm working on getting the rest of the room done this month. We're getting his crib this weekend too, as he's *sniff, sigh* almost too big for his bassinet. He did not listen when I told him to stay tiny. 13 lbs. as of last week!

Hope you all enjoy the long weekend. I'm looking forward to working on the house, sewing and hanging out with friends.

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