July 30, 2008

Just for fun

I'm sad to report that the wild flowers in the field have been milled and are long gone. It was nice while it lasted. And as I hinted to in a previous post I had a bit of fun frolicking one evening in my most-favoritest dress while Forest played photographer. He is actually quite good isn't he? Creative and brainy...it's just not fair.

Despite my unsatisfactory hair that night I really do like these. I don't often have photos of myself taken and it was a good reminder of how vulnerable a lens can make you feel even when the eye behind it is your closest friend. I am so used to being the photographer that I sometimes can't relate when people tell me how uncomfortable they are in front of a camera. I should do this more often just to keep my sympathy for my subjects in tact.

*dress by heidi merrick, purchased one impulsive day during my fourth month of pregnancy. you don't know how relieved I am that it actually fits.

July 29, 2008

A Father's Day Photoshoot

I am a bit behind on posting my recent photo shoots, but this one from Father's Day is one I really wanted to share. The shoot was a surprise gift from the father's girlfriend and I will honestly say he wasn't so "thrilled" about his surprise at first, but 20 minutes into it everyone was having a great time. They brought their 3 mo. old puppy too which made the shoot that much sweeter.

July 25, 2008

More from the Field

Because how often do I have a football field of wild flowers steps away from my backyard? A little photo session with this country-girl-at-heart expecting her first in November.

I also got dressed up one evening and played in the flowers while husband took his turn with the camera. We'll see if I can talk myself into posting them...

July 21, 2008

Summer Evening

Dinner with old friends and some new ones. Then photos in the field behind our house which right now is a blanket of yellow instead of the usual vegetable crop. A lovely Summer evening.

July 16, 2008

Good Ole Arny

My childhood friend's family used to bring me on their Summer trips to LA which always included days at The Beach Club in Santa Monica, CA. Her grandmother was a member at this exclusive club on the PCH (uh, you have to be a member just to see their website) and I blame these visits for the start of my taste for "the finer things" in life.

Some memories from these Summers:
- Flirting with the towel boys
- Dinner with Chris O'Donnell (her uncle was an aspiring actor and they were friends. I was twelve and didn't really get the actor part, but we did think he was cute)
- Erasure
- Waking up at 7am and going directly to the pool
- Arnold Palmers

In all it's exclusive club goodness, the Arnold Palmer has become my drink for this Summer. Maybe it's because I'm not drinking margaritas or maybe because the combination of lemonade + iced tea is just the best thing ever. Here is how I make mine:

- Fill your favorite glass with ice (this one is from a set of four, a gift from Shelly)
- Pour 2 parts lemonade & 1 part iced tea (I use Tejava unsweetened bottled tea from Trader Joe's)
- Stir well
- For a little something extra garnish with a sprig of Rosemary
- Drink!!! Preferably through a brightly colored straw

While you are drinking imagine sitting on a blue lounge chair under a striped umbrella on your private block of sand while the friendly staff bring you fresh towels and as many Arnold Palmer refills as you want. And you can just charge it to Grandma's tab.

Changing My Identity...

July 10, 2008

Carlisle Casa: The Remix

While I was away at my parent's for two weeks I found myself thinking a lot about our home and how it's arranged, how we're using our space, whether or not we could be making more of our 1300 square feet. I think it's good to get away from your living space every once and awhile and allow yourself to gain a new perspective. We have been in our house now for almost three years and while our layout has worked well for us, there are a few things I think we could do to make better use of our space.

One day I was nursing B and emailing (I'm a pro at one-finger typing) when a light bulb went off. I immediately grabbed the phone and called Forest exclaiming, "I think we should move the office from the garage and into the dining room!" When I get an idea I usually have to call someone right away. If Forest doesn't answer his phone I will try everyone else in my speed dial list until someone picks up and listens to me exuberantly share my latest epiphany.

Fo wasn't quite sold on my idea at first, but as we discussed he started to understand my reasoning which is this:

The dining room. Not so much dining going on in there. In my idealistic head we would have dinner at our grand 12 person dining table each night with place mats, candles, a bottle of wine. In reality, we eat at the little table in the kitchen, use a ripped-in-half paper towel as napkins and share a glass of water. So until we have our little brood of children and don't fit at the kitchen table I think that space would be better used as my office/studio and I'll use the dining table as a work surface - that is usually where I cut fabric and do projects anyway.

The converted garage. Now this room could actually be used as a real garage. We could rip up the hideous carpet, paint the cement floor and fore go spending a thousand dollars on the shed we need to hold the stuff we can't put in the garage because it's full of office furniture.

Brilliant right? On Sunday we started the move and while I'm a little freaked out about having my office exposed to all our visitors I think it's going to be great. I am feeling very overwhelmed by work lately (things have gone a little out of control since B arrived) and this feels like a chance to clean everything off my desk, get organized and start over.

So here are is a photo of the room so far:

And here is how it used to look:

Sitting Area 03

I loved this sitting area, but again, not a lot of sitting going on these days. I have since moved these chairs into the living room where they get more use.

I'm on a roll and plan on making some major changes in our bedroom as well as rearranging the living room again (maybe). I will keep you updated on the progress of our Extreme Home Makeover : )

July 9, 2008

Heidi's Fall 08

Heidi Merrick's new collection makes me wish I was one of those women who buys a designer's entire collection in one foul swoop of her United Mileage Plus Visa. A girl can dream.

{all images via heidimerrick.com}

July 8, 2008

B's First Fourth of July

Hope you all enjoyed your Fourth of July!
Here's what happened when I tried to take a photo of the baby cousins in their matching patriotic outfits - I know, that's what I get for putting them through such humiliation. At one point P tried to crawl off the blanket, but B was not having it and grabbed hold of her dress to drag her back. I wish I had a photo of that, but I was taking video at that time - well I thought I was. For a photographer, I sure have issues using our little point and shoot. This little show was more entertaining than any fireworks.

July 7, 2008

Steveyann and Nathan's Engagement

More photos! I knew we were going to have a good shoot when Steveyann walked out in cowboy boots. We were headed to Wilder Ranch (I'm trying to see how many photo shoots I can do there before it gets to be too much of the same thing...I just love all the peely paint walls and old buildings!) so the boots were perfect.

I went to highschool with Steveyann, so I had a great time catching up and getting to know Nathan. These two have great style and I'm looking forward to what they've dreamed up for their wedding in September.

First stop, the country:

And then, the city:

Sorry for the long post! As always click on any image to see it larger and you can see more in the slide show here. And I must give a shout out to The Boutwells and their Totally Rad Action Sets. I just bought the new set "TRA 2 - The Revenge" and am in love. Definitely worth checking out.

July 3, 2008


B is just starting to teethe and his drool production increases daily. I don't mind too much because now I get to use the adorable bibs Shelly made me. I love the fabric of this one - and the best part is they are all reversible. Thanks auntie Shelly! Now I just need to think of something fun for your soon-to-be arriving little one...