July 16, 2008

Good Ole Arny

My childhood friend's family used to bring me on their Summer trips to LA which always included days at The Beach Club in Santa Monica, CA. Her grandmother was a member at this exclusive club on the PCH (uh, you have to be a member just to see their website) and I blame these visits for the start of my taste for "the finer things" in life.

Some memories from these Summers:
- Flirting with the towel boys
- Dinner with Chris O'Donnell (her uncle was an aspiring actor and they were friends. I was twelve and didn't really get the actor part, but we did think he was cute)
- Erasure
- Waking up at 7am and going directly to the pool
- Arnold Palmers

In all it's exclusive club goodness, the Arnold Palmer has become my drink for this Summer. Maybe it's because I'm not drinking margaritas or maybe because the combination of lemonade + iced tea is just the best thing ever. Here is how I make mine:

- Fill your favorite glass with ice (this one is from a set of four, a gift from Shelly)
- Pour 2 parts lemonade & 1 part iced tea (I use Tejava unsweetened bottled tea from Trader Joe's)
- Stir well
- For a little something extra garnish with a sprig of Rosemary
- Drink!!! Preferably through a brightly colored straw

While you are drinking imagine sitting on a blue lounge chair under a striped umbrella on your private block of sand while the friendly staff bring you fresh towels and as many Arnold Palmer refills as you want. And you can just charge it to Grandma's tab.


Team Garaway said...

I have seen it off the PCH, it's so beautiful! That definitely could have affected your taste!

drygoods said...

We just went there in May as a friend is now a junior member. It's a stunning view of the beach and all the old-timers at the club. I can only imagine how great that place would be as a kid...

raya said...

Yes drygoods, it was such a fancy place to be as a kid. I have so many memories and whenever I drive by there I want to ask if they'll just let me in to walk around and reminisce. I am pretty sure they'd say no. I need to make friends with some members soon!

drygoods said...

I don't know - I think you could. We seriously just walked right in...I don't remember anyone stopping us:) But if you tried to get an Arnold Palmer and didn't have a tab/account, that's where the plan would fall through:). We live in Seattle so it was definitely not our norm. Side note - love your blog and congrats on being a mom, he's adorable!

sarah said...

I learned all about Arnold Palmers on a trip out to California last summer and they are yummy!!

Jennifer Anne Rodgers said...

Oh...I regularly stalk your blog. But this is the first time I have commented. My aunt and uncle belong to the Beach Club. I have fond memories of my summer day's spent there with my cousins. My favorite is the lemonade. I love your pics and craft project too!

Ruth said...

Oh, that drink sounds fun! I'll have to try it!