August 6, 2008

Cruise Week: Shoes

Faithsalutes calls her style cruisewear with a little Euro trash. She pulls off topsiders better than most. Even on a boat you gotta have the whole package and I would love to bring all these with me. I'd be prepared for every activity: shuffleboard, lounging, cocktails, strolling, dining...this post is dedicated to Faithy - spurring my love for Nautical with her deck shoes and sailor pants.


faithsalutes said...

Preach it sister. Wearing cruise shoes right now.

Anonymous said...

Very clever posts this week!
Don't forget a bright and gaudy toenail polish! I'm wearing a great color called Magenta cream from Sally hansen, hard as nails, hard as wraps. ( whatever wraps are, this stuff doesn't chip! I love and I'm choosey)
I'm a fair haired fair skinned gal and can never find a bright color to wear on those rare occasions I want to wear nail polish. Like a trip to Bermuda we just had. Not a cruise but same old lady vibe.