August 1, 2008


Did I tell you we're going on a cruise to Mexico on Sunday? My whole family is going courtesy of our wonderful and generous Grandmother.

I'm pretty excited. Although, I think my imagination of what this trip will be like is pretty off. In my mind I see myself on a yacht in the Mediterranean adorned in perfect resort wear every day. In reality it's more like "Cancun on the Open Seas", and me in a baseball cap. But whatever, it will be fun!

We will be totally without Internet access (unless we want to pay $28/, no thank you. I would rather buy 4 margaritas) so this week I'll be bringing you my favorites in cruising accessories. We start with the pool/beach tote. I am supposed to be making my own, but just in case that doesn't happen by Sunday any of these would do just fine:

On Monday: Cover-ups!

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Sara Christine said...

Is the one on the top left from Old Navy?? I've seen something similar in their store and it's on sale for $12! Love all your picks, I would happily cruise with any of them! :)