September 4, 2008

The Jones/Schneider Family in Santa Barbara

I was looking through my blog posts today and noticed that there are 4 or 5 shoots from this Summer that I never posted. Shame on me. So I'm going to try and catch up - since I'm so busy with work right now and don't have time for much else, this is good. At least I have something to post here.

This sweet family came to me through this very blog. Kirsten is a reader and while she and her family were out in Santa Barbara for vacation we took some photos at the lovely Butterfly Beach in Montecito.
Gorgeous Grandmas & Sweet Anderson

He was a happy kid, especially after getting soaked by the waves he got a little to close to

Kirsten and her husband

And I love this family photo. I like the arrangement and the emotion. No on is really looking at the camera, they're just having fun as a family. Those are my favorite moments to capture.

As is pretty common with me, I didn't want my session to end. They all seemed so great and were having fun just being a family. And they put up with my camera in their face despite this photo shoot being a surprise! I will say this about surprise photo shoots -they usually don't have the "impact" you're hoping for...something about having the way you look immortalized in photo form that people do not get that excited for. Kirsten said she had a big announcement to make and they all thought she was pregnant! Instead, she was announcing she'd book a photographer (me) for the next day. Poor Kirsten. I'm no second grandchild and was probably not their favorite person at the beginning of this, but hopefully they feel differently about it now and are thanking her for the "surprise".

I had fun & thanks Jones/Schneider family! If you ever come to SB again call me and I'll buy you all a round of drinks : )

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Colleen Hickey said...

what a great family. Hi Raya, I need to do a brochure for the sunset idea house and am wondering hmmm when will she be back up in santa cruz to take a few pics?