October 17, 2008

4 Years

It's our anniversary! In the best way possible it feels like so much longer than 4 years. Here's a photo from the beginnings of our relationship. It all kind of started with bike rides. At the time Forest's work & my school were about 100 yards apart & were also about a block from the beach. At lunch we would ride along the ocean & share Trader Joe's salads & Kettle chips. I would say to my friends, "It's just a bike ride, it's not a date!", but they knew the truth.

A good friend of ours gave us the nicest compliment which I will never forget. He said, "I admire how you don't keep score in your marriage. There's no "I did this for you, so you should do this for me". I think that is really true about us & has made our marriage that much sweeter. If I ever do get into the mode of thinking that Forest owes me something for some reason I remember this & turn my thoughts to all that he does do for me & our family. He drives 45 min. to work each way, or leaves the house at 6am to catch the bus. He cleans our pool each weekend so we can swim during the week. He takes on side jobs so we have extra money. He takes the dog & the baby for an hour or two on Saturdays so I can have the house to myself. Yep, he's amazing. And tonight we get to celebrate with our first night out since B was born. I was in denial that it would take us 8 mos. to do this, but time flies. Sushi here we come!

And I also need to wish my little sis Sarah a very happy birthday (and thanks again for letting us steal your thunder that one year). We love you little!

I'm shooting a wedding this Sunday & will be guest blogging on sfgirlbybay on Monday so will have some fun stuff for you then. Happy Friday to all!


KT said...

I'm so thankful that you found each other. I love you both, and appreciate the maturity and wisdom that I see in the two of you.

Lettner Family said...

Happy Anniversary Raya! Love this post! It just gets better and better! Enjoy each day!

SportsFan's Daughter said...

Happy anniversary guys! Cheers!
-Anna Q

Rudi said...

Hi guys,

I was just surfing my favorites and found your post. Wow, I am so bad at sending greetings or cards to even my extended family on their special days. So, thanks to technology I can say, HAPPY 4TH ANNIVERSARY!! on the actual day. So cool! I remember the beautiful wedding and bride! Love to baby B!

Love ya,
Auntie Rudi

dad said...

Whoa, I guess Sarah's birthday stole your thunder this year as I almost forgot the anniversary. Happy belated to you both and I agree, that Forest is amazing (as are you my dear)

Love, Dad

faithsalutes said...

I loves you guys. Best wedding in my book.


I love you Foreeesta.

LollyChops said...

Congrats Raya!

The Tilted Tulip said...

Such a sweet post! I got married on my sister's birthday, as well. She seems mostly okay with it. :)

I found your blog several months ago and think it's lovely!

chiara said...

just found your blog through SFgirl and I'm so happy to have found it! i also love your photography -especially your baby pictures on the beach - so sweet and wonderful! congrats on your anniversary!

bridal buzz said...

you two are cute!

porter hovey said...

Wow! Congrats!!

Maryam in Marrakesh said...

Wow that photo:)