November 26, 2008

the paper pony on Nesting

We are packing up the car top carrier right now to head out for Thanksgiving, but there is a little interview I did over at Cookie Magazine's Nesting blog today. Ez of Creature Comforts also blogs there & was so nice to feature me. Thank you Ez!

Unfortunately no new pictures of the house in its current state (would like to do that soon) but some really fun questions. Nesting & Creature Comforts are both wonderful blogs if you're new to either of them.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving! Three things I'm thankful for (from the interview):

1. A healthy, thriving family
2. That I get to stay at home with my son, but also run a business doing something I love.
3. Living within driving distance from both our families. I am so, so thankful for that!

Be back next week!

November 25, 2008

Sarah & Chase's Engagement

Another beautiful day in Santa Barbara - from the Courthouse downtown to Butterfly Beach in Montecito. Sarah & Chase are another super cool couple & I'm looking forward to their wedding in May (gray bridesmaid dresses - love!)

November 21, 2008

Photographers Like These

[images by Mikkel Vang]

I randomly started receiving Gourmet Magazine in the mail last month. Maybe someone bought it for me as a gift, in which case thank you secret-magazine-subscription-giver! The mag has BEAUTIFUL photography & I have been so inspired. In school I stayed far away from the Food classes...all that lighting, ugh. It has always intimidated me even though I really love it. Looking at these photographs make me want to try it more & incorporate even more still life into my wedding photography.

I have two new heroes: Mikkel Vang (who shot the above images as well as these below)

[images by Mikkel Vang]

And Roland Bello:

[images by Roland Bello]

[images by Roland Bello]

Their people photography is wonderful as well, definitely worth a look through if you're so inclined.

Happy Friday everyone!

November 20, 2008

Jenny & Jesse's Engagement

I had such a fun afternoon with Jenny & Jesse in Marina Del Rey. We started at the harbor with their rad dog Bronson & then got some gorgeous light at the beach just before sunset.

After getting to spend some time with them I'm really looking forward to what I'm sure is going to be a fun & gorgeous wedding. Can't wait for April!

November 18, 2008

Amy Butler just don't quit

We have new slipcovers! Our yellow chairs were in need of serious help, so mom to the rescue..again. I searched for yellow fabric, but everything I found cost like $100/yard. For reals. So, plan B. We decided to go with a nice 60's greenish color. The texture of the fabric is great & I really like them - not awesome yellow, but still very nice. With some bright pillows even nicer.

I hopped onto Amy Butler's website to look at fabrics for pillows & boy, has she been busy. She has like three new lines out - where have I been? I love her fabrics so much & found some definite possiblities for the living room & our room. Here are some of my favorite colorways:

Looks like I need to take another trip down to Micheal Levine. They usually stock all the fabrics in her lines & I love them for it. I also feel like I need to paint the living room now too, but when I mentioned that to Forest his eyes rolled back into his head. It took three coats of paint last time & most of our living area is painted the same color, so it would be a huge job....pillows for now, paint later.

Weekend Sewing

When I say I did some crafting I definitely mean some. I've been wanting to make these blocks for B since I saw them in an issue of MS Baby, but cutting out all those squares put a damper on actually getting started. Each one takes 6 squares. Multiply that by 9 blocks or so, that's a lot of cutting!

Finally though, I got all my fabric out & cut one night, sewed another. I only have two done so far, but the start is the hard part for me. Feels good to be crafty again, even just for an hour or so. If I can do one or two of these each night we'll have a whole tower of blocks in no time. I don't know who's more excited about these - B or Forest. HE has been asking me for weeks when I'm going to make these : )

November 17, 2008

Personal Day

Baby's sick & needs his momma today, so I will likely not be at the computer much. Instead I will be cuddling little B & trying to convince him that Kleenex is not the devil.

Hope you all have a great Monday! I actually did some crafting this weekend - show you soon!

November 14, 2008

Tea Fire

Image by fotografik, courtesy of flickr

Many of you have probably heard about this fire burning in Montecito. This is about 30 minutes from us, but we know so many people whose homes are in that area. Parts of Westmont College have burned (where Forest went) & their faculty housing is right there too. This image is looking up at the hill from the mall in Santa Barbara, where we frequently hang out.

We don't really know what's going on & are trying not to fill our friends' phones up with messages, but keep these people in your thoughts & prayers. Our friend DJ posted last night - his house was surrounded by smoke & we're not sure if it survived.

We don't have TV so we sat by our radio & listened to an AM station that was reporting. It felt very "national disaster", even though it wasn't even close. I'm glad radio is still alive & think for this reason it always will be. Of course I had bad dreams about bombs & tidal waves last night : ( Oh, and a pack of attack-Golden Retrievers (huh?). But that is probably because a dog jumped over a fence & started going after Maisy while we were on a walk yesterday, not because of the radio. I am famous for my crazy dreams.

For those of you in other parts of the state & country who have been through a fire, hurricane, tornado, flood, you know how these people must be feeling. We just don't have too much weather here and only an occasional earthquake so it's hard to imagine the true impact of this. I don't know where the fire is at this morning, but for now we're just praying for the fire fighters & residents.

November 13, 2008

Molly & Yaniv's Wedding

Well, yesterday was their engagement & today is their wedding! Molly & Yaniv were married in her parent's backyard - I love a good backyard wedding. I secretly hope to one day have a small wedding or event in our backyard. I just think it would be fun! Anybody?

Fun getting ready details:

While shooting the rings I was looking through a mag in the hotel room & found this : )

The reception was at the Pasadena Civic Center & we were allowed to shoot inside the theater, on the stage & everything.

Molly & Yaniv had every guest's name written on their cake! They really treasure their friends & family & this was such a sweet way to acknowledge everyone who was there.

And back to the theater for photos with just Molly & Yaniv:

Thanks especially to the staff at The Pasadena Civic for being so great & Christine of Christine Greenberg Weddings for a lovely day. This was my second wedding with her & I was so excited to see her again - she's awesome! & to Molly & Yaniv - you are such a sweet couple & I hope to see you again soon. Call me next time your up my way!

To see more click here for a slide show.

November 12, 2008

Molly & Yaniv's Engagement

I want to post Molly & Yaniv's wedding photos from a few weeks ago, but realized that I never posted their engagement session from July! Geez...

I love this couple so much. They have such a sweetness about them & as we chatted over coffee before our shoot I felt like I was meeting new friends, which I think I have. Here are some of my favorites - they were kind enough to drive up from Pasadena & we played around downtown Ventura.

Okay, so now I can post photos from their beautiful wedding! We got to shoot inside the theater at the Pasadena Civic Center. Very dramatic! Photos coming soon...

November 10, 2008

I Twitter therefore I am.

I did it. I Twitter now. And Facebook too! Just trying to keep up with the times, you know?

Follow me on twitter:

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See you 'round!

November 9, 2008


This spread in Elegant Bride stole my heart. Photographs by the always wonderful Rodney Smith. If you need some Beautiful today spend a few moments viewing his portfolio. He says he doesn't watch movies made after 1947 - can you tell?

A few of my favorites from the story:

November 5, 2008

Bedroom Inspiration

Here's some more bedroom inspiration. I love the feel of this room. I think I'd like a more modern look, but the essence is so peaceful in this one.

[image courtesy of Found Style by Amy & David Butler.]

I've always wanted a vintage medical table like this one for my house too, though they are hard to come by round these parts.

[image courtesy of Found Style by Amy & David Butler.]

I am having so much fun scheming about my new room! I stay up late at night looking at my decorating books : ) I've added these to My Deco File & have some color swatches to upload soon too.

Happy Wednesday.