November 18, 2008

Amy Butler just don't quit

We have new slipcovers! Our yellow chairs were in need of serious help, so mom to the rescue..again. I searched for yellow fabric, but everything I found cost like $100/yard. For reals. So, plan B. We decided to go with a nice 60's greenish color. The texture of the fabric is great & I really like them - not awesome yellow, but still very nice. With some bright pillows even nicer.

I hopped onto Amy Butler's website to look at fabrics for pillows & boy, has she been busy. She has like three new lines out - where have I been? I love her fabrics so much & found some definite possiblities for the living room & our room. Here are some of my favorite colorways:

Looks like I need to take another trip down to Micheal Levine. They usually stock all the fabrics in her lines & I love them for it. I also feel like I need to paint the living room now too, but when I mentioned that to Forest his eyes rolled back into his head. It took three coats of paint last time & most of our living area is painted the same color, so it would be a huge job....pillows for now, paint later.


faithsalutes said...

All those patterns are so Raya. Loves it.

I can help paint, I am anal about that believe it or not!

nole said...

Did you follow a particular pattern for the slipcover? I'm trying to figure out how to make a slipcover for one of our armchairs, but the current cover is too big so I can't use it as a pattern. Any advice?

erica sergio said...

hey raya! thanks for the b school friend request :) i've loved checking out your blog ... your work is awesome! and i too am a big fan of amy butler :)

Jessica said...

I love the fabric on the chair, is it current or vintage? My husband and I are getting our mid-century couch reupholstered and have been looking for something with that kind of texture. If the fabric is current, I'd love if you could post the info!

jennifer said...

cool! love the new slipcover. and amy's fabric are too cute. by the way, i finished my craft/sewing room... i just want to sit in there and dream of ideas. i'll post pix soon.