November 5, 2008

Bedroom Inspiration

Here's some more bedroom inspiration. I love the feel of this room. I think I'd like a more modern look, but the essence is so peaceful in this one.

[image courtesy of Found Style by Amy & David Butler.]

I've always wanted a vintage medical table like this one for my house too, though they are hard to come by round these parts.

[image courtesy of Found Style by Amy & David Butler.]

I am having so much fun scheming about my new room! I stay up late at night looking at my decorating books : ) I've added these to My Deco File & have some color swatches to upload soon too.

Happy Wednesday.


joshua said...

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Katherine said...

there is a local salvage place here in napa that has some of those little tables. after seeing how cute this one looks after being painted white i might have to snag one!

Rachel said...

Gorgeous inspiration room. I think you could easily tweak things around to keep the feeling and yet make it more modern.

Callie Grayson said...

i love the chandelier, the wee bit of blue so pretty! such a wonderfully cozy space.

Anonymous said...

Raya, I love your beautiful style and fabulous blog and it is amongst 5 or so blogs I read almost every day. But I must ask you - all the others have commented on the US election - where do you stand? Are you pleased or not? What do you think?

raya said...

Hi Anonymous, I wish you had left your name! Thanks for the kinds words - I am so glad you enjoy the blog. I thought about commenting on the election, but you know, politics aren't really my thing. I did vote of course & let's just say I'm "intrigued" about the next four years : )

Summer said...

this bedroom is appealing to me in every way- and love the idea of that vintage medical table

Anonymous said...

Hi Raya, thanks for your reply. I hope that the next four years goes well for your country. Keep up the inspirational blog! Laura, London UK (aka Anonymous)

Claire, said...

Love your new header.

raya said...

Thanks Laura, I hope things go well for the US this next four years too!

And thanks Claire - I was on the computer late last night & thought it was a good time to update the header : )

Maryam in Marrakesh said...

so love that little medical table. Darling!