November 26, 2008

the paper pony on Nesting

We are packing up the car top carrier right now to head out for Thanksgiving, but there is a little interview I did over at Cookie Magazine's Nesting blog today. Ez of Creature Comforts also blogs there & was so nice to feature me. Thank you Ez!

Unfortunately no new pictures of the house in its current state (would like to do that soon) but some really fun questions. Nesting & Creature Comforts are both wonderful blogs if you're new to either of them.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving! Three things I'm thankful for (from the interview):

1. A healthy, thriving family
2. That I get to stay at home with my son, but also run a business doing something I love.
3. Living within driving distance from both our families. I am so, so thankful for that!

Be back next week!


katie said...

Loved the interview! Safe travels!

Team Garaway said...

oh my goodness, how cool was that interview! Love it!