November 21, 2008

Photographers Like These

[images by Mikkel Vang]

I randomly started receiving Gourmet Magazine in the mail last month. Maybe someone bought it for me as a gift, in which case thank you secret-magazine-subscription-giver! The mag has BEAUTIFUL photography & I have been so inspired. In school I stayed far away from the Food classes...all that lighting, ugh. It has always intimidated me even though I really love it. Looking at these photographs make me want to try it more & incorporate even more still life into my wedding photography.

I have two new heroes: Mikkel Vang (who shot the above images as well as these below)

[images by Mikkel Vang]

And Roland Bello:

[images by Roland Bello]

[images by Roland Bello]

Their people photography is wonderful as well, definitely worth a look through if you're so inclined.

Happy Friday everyone!


elisabeth said...

I agree! I'm not necessarily a big foodie but I've come to love gourmet magazine. The photography is always gorgeous.

Amy at Minimally Invasive said...

I have a major addiction to food magazines and it seems ridiculous to add another, but I had the same reaction as you when I picked up Gourmet on the stands about a year ago. This is one subscription I won't let lapse; their photography is a constant inspiration to me.

Sara LeeAnn said...

Wow. I had no idea! I don't believe I've ever picked up a Gourmet mag before, but those pictures alone are worth the 5(ish) bucks! Thanks for sharing.

zara said...

I just recently came across mikkel vang as well, his photographs are so so lovely. Roland Bello is going into my photographer file now too!

TheLittleFrog said...

All that stuff looks delicious! By the way, I’m passing an award on to you, so you should check out my blog:)... Lucy from Slovakia

Jennifer Ramos said...

BEAUTIFUL images...especially the ones of the coffee and capuccino makers...that's what I want for x'mas.

Jen Ramos
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