November 14, 2008

Tea Fire

Image by fotografik, courtesy of flickr

Many of you have probably heard about this fire burning in Montecito. This is about 30 minutes from us, but we know so many people whose homes are in that area. Parts of Westmont College have burned (where Forest went) & their faculty housing is right there too. This image is looking up at the hill from the mall in Santa Barbara, where we frequently hang out.

We don't really know what's going on & are trying not to fill our friends' phones up with messages, but keep these people in your thoughts & prayers. Our friend DJ posted last night - his house was surrounded by smoke & we're not sure if it survived.

We don't have TV so we sat by our radio & listened to an AM station that was reporting. It felt very "national disaster", even though it wasn't even close. I'm glad radio is still alive & think for this reason it always will be. Of course I had bad dreams about bombs & tidal waves last night : ( Oh, and a pack of attack-Golden Retrievers (huh?). But that is probably because a dog jumped over a fence & started going after Maisy while we were on a walk yesterday, not because of the radio. I am famous for my crazy dreams.

For those of you in other parts of the state & country who have been through a fire, hurricane, tornado, flood, you know how these people must be feeling. We just don't have too much weather here and only an occasional earthquake so it's hard to imagine the true impact of this. I don't know where the fire is at this morning, but for now we're just praying for the fire fighters & residents.


Katie said...

Hi Raya. It was quite sad to see our city burning last night. We were safe in Summerland, but Montecito was hit hard and then it quickly spread overnight. Hope DJ's is okay!

Courtney said...

It is extremely sad and a bit terrifying when a natural disaster strikes close to home.

I'll be keeping the residents and firefighters in my prayers.