November 18, 2008

Weekend Sewing

When I say I did some crafting I definitely mean some. I've been wanting to make these blocks for B since I saw them in an issue of MS Baby, but cutting out all those squares put a damper on actually getting started. Each one takes 6 squares. Multiply that by 9 blocks or so, that's a lot of cutting!

Finally though, I got all my fabric out & cut one night, sewed another. I only have two done so far, but the start is the hard part for me. Feels good to be crafty again, even just for an hour or so. If I can do one or two of these each night we'll have a whole tower of blocks in no time. I don't know who's more excited about these - B or Forest. HE has been asking me for weeks when I'm going to make these : )


keely steger said...

Really cute! What are they stuffed with?

lindamade said...

I just made three for my nephew. After that I pooped out, but I figure I can add to the pile as he grows (plus more than 3 5"x5"x5" cubes= no room in my suitcase!). Here they are:

He seems to like knocking them down..:)

Erin said...

You are doing it! You are doing it! They look great.
I am taking some crafting time on Friday. Hopefully, I'll accomplish something, too.

drygoods said...

I think the hardest part is getting the fabric cut - I struggle with it anyway. These look so cute! I just did a plush version with cat toys inside but I love the foam since they can stack easily. In the least, little ones love these things for their texture and the contrast. Little B will enjoy these for years to come!